Tuesday, October 31, 2017


A common problem that often goes undiagnosed, usually resulting in chronic lower back pain, is leg length inequality.

To one degree or another, this condition is thought to affect between 60-90% of the population, so the problem is fairly widespread.  A leg length difference (measured while standing) of 5 mm or greater results in a higher incidence of lower back pain.

The good news is that we can effectively treat this condition with Foot Levelers custom orthotics.

Before beginning treatment of a short leg condition, Dr. Tom performs a simple weight-bearing postural examination to determine if there is any pelvic unleveling and compensatory lateral spine curvature.

Here's what we know:  A year-long randomized trial of 225 patients with chronic lower back pain shows that patients who used Foot Levelers custom orthotics reduced their pain by 34.5%, and improved function by 18.5%.

Patients who used Foot Levelers custom orthotics plus chiropractic care reduced pain by 40.4%, increased function by 32.3%.

If you have this problem, we can help!

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