Wednesday, October 2, 2013


The simple answer is no.  When you have been active, muscles are already heated up.  More heat may feel good, but cold will help your muscles recover.

If you have a small sore spot, make a homemade ice pack.  Fill a paper cup with hot water and then freeze it.  Peel down the rim of the paper cup to expose the ice surface.  The remaining paper cup will serve as a holder.  Gently swirl the ice on the sore area, keeping it moving to prevent frostbite.  Initially, it will feel uncomfortable, but a 5 to 10 minute treatment should provide prompt relief.

If the area needing treatment is larger, a bag of frozen peas makes a great pliable ice pack.  It can also be refrozen and reused over and over again.

At our clinic, we also offer a variety of professional products for home use that are designed to reduce pain and facilitate muscle recover.  Ask us about them during your next visit.